We understand how concerned you are about anesthesia and surgical procedures. Let us make it clear that we plan to treat your pet just like it's our own. That is why every surgical patient is constantly monitored before, during, and throughout the recovery process. Our experienced veterinarians are knowledgeable and capable to preform a diversity of surgical procedures.

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    Surgery Protocol

    Surgical Admissions Presurgical bloodwork is recommended and sometimes required for anesthetic procedures Consent forms must be signed prior to surgery No Food or Water after midnight before surgery Drop off…

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    Surgical Procedures

    Surgical Procedures for Small Animals General Surgery Spaying and Neutering Feline Declaw Tumor Biopsy Orthopedic Surgery Fractures Cruciate Repairs Exploratory Surgery Endoscope /Ultrasound Abcess Treatment Aspiration of Cyst & Masses…